Tiny Rebel – cherry chocolate barley wine

Dark brown with red golden lights. Cherry bakewell on the nose. Like a pudding in the glass. Sweet coffee, cake mix, cherries in the mouth. Awesome. Go on, treat yourself. Like a pudding wine for beer drinkers. Totally Subjective Rating: 5/5

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Fourpure and Tiny Rebel – Daintree

Yellow/golden, completely cloudy with a pale head. Citrus fruits on the nose. Citrus bitterness in the mouth. 6%. It’s billed as a mango smoothie, looks like Rubicon Mango pop but it doesn’t actually taste of mango which is really disappointing. Doesn’t do what it says on the tin, but pleasant enough. Marked down for not […]

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Tiny Rebel – Frambuzi

Rose pink, slightly cloudy. Tiny tide mark of bubbles. Hay, red fruit and sour sweets. Big acidic taste in the mouth. Dusty feel on swallow, some raspberry then a sour finish. Makes my teeth feel funny. 4.3% Totally Subjective Rating:3.5/5

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