Robinsons – Blonde Tom

A departure for the *.TOM family from Robinsons. All of the other previous offerings were Old Tom blended with another flavouring (chocolate, ginger) wheras this is a completely new brew. A Belgian style ale, brewed with Belgian yeast. Clear and golden with a slight head. Sweet on the nose, smelling of a ripe fruitbowl. Tastes […]

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Robinsons – Ginger Tom

Old Tom beer infused with chinese ginger. Dark coloured, ginger and peppers and other spices on the nost. Tastes smooth, like malty treacle. Sweet and gingery. Very much like McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake. If you loved that, you’ll love this. A killer winter beer, it is also very refreshing served super chilled or over ice. […]

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Robinsons – Old Tom

Branded as the original craft ale, Old Tom has been produced since 1899.  Recent bottle rebrand, taking it from a cartoon cat to a more sleek picture like those grown up colouring books. Dark chocolate colour. Grape juice and black treacle on the nose. Not as sweet as  you would expect initially, with a warming, […]

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