Brew York – Goose Willis

Pale straw yellow, hazy with a quick to dissipate white froth head. Gooseberry and tartness on the nose. Sherbet and sour tangfastics in the mouth. Very soured finish. Leaves a slight fur in the mouth. 5 .3% . This beer is big on the gooseberry and the sour, but for me, it would need a […]

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Torrside – Late to the party

Very big head on the first glass I un-catiously poured. Second glass had a very long lived tan head. Black with a light texture. Pine and citrus, with burnt toast on the nose. Citrus, bitter orange peel and pine, with a fizzy feel in the mouth. Pine and orange pith finish. Totally Subjective Rating:4/5

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Thornbridge – Melba

Clear, golden with a very quickly dissipating white head. Big ripe peach notes on the nose. Peach and slightly under ripe nectarines in the mouth with a citrus finish. Really crisp and refreshing. 5.2% Totally Subjective Rating:4/5

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