Durham Cider- Morning Glory Rosé

A long time ago I wrote about Sash, an industrious fella who was making his own cider. Well, it wasn’t just me that liked what he was making, and he now has started a cider making business called ‘Durham Cider’. His premium product is Morning Glory, a wholly natural cider, without added water, sugar or preservatives.

As I couldn’t get to a festival, my parents got me 3 different types of his cider to try – so there will be more reviews to come after this one.  I prefer to drink cider chilled or over ice, so this was served straight from the fridge.

A very pretty rose gold colour with a slight haze.  Fresh,  tart,  citrus and berries on the nose. A slightly effervescent feeling in the mouth.  Zesty berry flavours followed by a slightly dry apple finish.

Drinking this reminds me of a holiday in Jordan, where hibiscus tea and honey was the recommended cure by the local guide for all that ails you. I cannot claim that this cider has the same medicinal effects, but it is a very enjoyable drink.

Totally Subjective Rating 4.5/5


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