Homebrew Heroes – Sash’s Cider

This is going to be an occasional series as it relies on people sharing their homebrew with me.

Sash is a chef at a restaurant near to my parents’ house. Originally from Bulgaria he has become part of the town’s fixture, acquiring  the name Sash to replace his given name Chavdar. Bulgaria is well known for its homebrew culture, with people even allowed to distill spirits for personal use. Now Sash is living in the UK he is making small batches of cider for his own consumption.

As he is working in small batches he can afford to be innovative with different styles and flavours. Green Tea, Elderflower and Rhubarb were just some of the flavours discussed around the table in the beer garden. I wonder if something like the smoky flavour of Lapsang Souchong would work? When I talked about my love of different flavours in beers and ciders he went back to his house and brought me this bottle to try. This one is one of his more experimental flavours… Coffee.

Very , very clear. Golden in colour wit bo carbonation. On the nose it is bitter coffee, like freshly ground beans, maybe with a hint of very dark chocolate . The first taste is a surprise. My brain is  confounded expectations, surely something this pale cannot taste this much of coffee? Then I remember drinking Weird Beard’s Out of the Office, a truly excellent coffee IPA and reset my ideas.

On the palate the texture is light. Mid to dark roast espresso with a sharpness. A dry finish with  coffee notes.

Totally Subjective Rating: 4.5/5 (and I don’t like cider)

I really hope he continues making innovative ciders!


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