Manchester Beer Week – Cloudwater takeover at the magnet

Left to right

DDH  citra.6%  Gentle at the start. Dry citrus finish 4/5

Loral and ardi 8.2% – cream soda and hops. Very light for strength.  4/5

Burton DIPA 9 %- thick mouth feel. Hoppy finish. Glorious. 4.5 /5

Left to right

DDH Amarillo 5.5%. Cloudy golden. Almost aniseed balls on the nose. Nice hoppy beer you could drink all day. Very dry finish. 4/5

Jw Lees Red. 5%. Dark amber. In the company seems too gentle. Tasty red ale with hoppy finish. If I’d drunk it 10 years ago I’d have loved it. 3.5 /5

Tremendous Ideas collab. 8% Looks like a banana smoothie. I haz a flaba. Jeesus. Really thick in the mouth. Really strong floral hop and citrus 4/5 

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